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Design & e-commerce

Being successful with your project on the internet is much more to just "having" a website.  
You need to have a website strategy that "works".  That is where we can help.
Whether your looking to make a new website, re-vamp an old one,  add a fully functional e-commerce facility or just need some reliable hosting, we are here to help you find a solution - enabling your website to create results. 

We would be pleased to hear from you about your project ideas and needs - tell us a bit about it and we'll let you know how we can help

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New Project From A-Z
You may have a service or product to offer, or just need to have an introduction to your business with an online brochure - whatever the reason for your website, a strategy has to be drawn up as to how those who you would like to present it to will find and use it. Once that is clear then comes content and design. 
Knowing your intended audience and their needs is essential to making your internet presence a success.
If you have an idea of what you would like to do but don't know how to go about it, drop us a few lines about the project and we'll give you an idea of what we can do.

Old Site Re-Vamp
If you already have a website that's in need of a make-over, we can help in a multi faceted approach.  
Was your website listed well in the major search engines for specific keywords related to your sites content?  
Is the layout, flow and navigation easy to understand and use?  
Are you getting the traffic but not converting into sales/enquires?
Or just in need of a cosmetic change as to how the site looks?
Whatever your needs we work closely with you to bring your project to a level where it creates results - tangible results.

Website Maintenance
From time to time website content expires and new content is needed to replace it. It is always a good idea to keep information fresh, easiest and most cost efficient if you need smaller regular changes is to have a user interface where you can update key areas of your website without having to worry about layout and complicated code. Alternatively if changes are bigger and in many places on the website you may chose to have someone "look after" the site, uploading changes, maintaining mailboxes. Either way we can help you maintain control over your content.

Search Engine Optimization
Getting your website ready to be indexed is one of the most important phases of your project.  There are many definitive and calculated factors that an engines spider takes into account when going over your websites pages.  
The content of your website is the key factor in determining how well the site will be listed for given keywords - knowing the importance the spiders take with various attributes allows us to formulate pages in such a way that they stand a better chance of getting listed better than your competitors.

Special Applications
The beauty of the internet is in its interactivity.  Giving your visitors the ability to interact increase the chance of a tangible result. 
Whether you are offering a downloadable e-book or brochure, a monthly newsletter, or some kind of online calculation based on their criteria, the idea is that you are giving them something that will stay with them long after they have visited your site.  
Building or adapting applications to enhance your visitor experience and create an action by them is the planning and culture behind the harvest.

With the huge amount of variety on the internet for any give product or service why do you think someone will choose yours over your competitors? 
Creating an atmosphere of confidence and professionalism is paramount to success in e-commerce. Presenting your wares in a reliable and easily navigatable shopping environment is essential to make the sale.
Whether you choose commercial cart software like Actinic or an open source shopping cart we can help you get you setup to take automated orders.
If you have have specific needs, discount structures, automated shipping rates, credit card gateway integration we can suggest options to suit your budget.



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